My Credit Repair Success Story

Being in Debt Doesn’t Make You a Bad Person

It’s all too easy to lose control of your debts when you’re living paycheck to paycheck. And creditors don’t want to give you a second chance, either. They demand high payments and don’t care that you need to feed your family and put gas in the car. I know, because I’ve been there.

All it took was one week with no pay. One week. I was out sick and my company doesn’t do paid sick leave, but missing that check sent me on a downward spiral that ended in bankruptcy.

I thought I could “fix” things, with a short term loan. I couldn’t qualify because of my income so I tried charging a few bills to my credit cards, but that just made things worse. Every late payment was another fee. Then the over-limit fees started racking up and before I knew it, I was in over my head.

Credit Repair on My Own was Just TOO Confusing!

Fast forward a few years later and my credit was still a total mess. I had six charge-offs, a ton of collection accounts, and too many late payments to count. I got so far behind that most of credit card companies cancelled my cards, but still expected me to pay! The ones that kept my accounts open kept cutting my credit limit, further damaging my credit scores. My scores were in the mid 500s and getting worse all the time.

I knew I needed to repair my credit if I wanted to qualify for a manager position where I worked, but I didn’t know where to start. There was so much information online and all of it seemed conflicting. Some sites would say I should focus on getting rid of charge-offs first, but others would say I needed to pay off credit cards that were still open first, and no one seemed to agree on the best way to do anything.

I tried sending some dispute letters, but I got zero response. The collection agencies didn’t take me seriously, and neither did the debt collectors. I was broke, frustrated and at the end of my rope.

Finally I Found Credit Repair Professionals I Could Trust

I just didn’t know enough about credit repair to go the “do-it-yourself” route, and my company review was coming up in six months. I didn’t want to lose my chance to get a better job, so I started seriously looking for help.

There were so many credit repair companies online that it was very intimidating. I had no idea who I could trust and who would just take my money and run. There are a lot of scammers when it comes to credit repair and I was skeptical of handing over my hard-earned money to just any company.

In the end I chose Lexington Law to handle my credit repair for me, because they have professional attorneys and paralegals working for them that specialize in credit repair. I knew that if I wanted to get real help and not a lot of hype, I had to turn to people with professional experience and a proven track record.

When I called 800-220-0084 to get more information, everyone I talked to was so helpful. They were great about answering my questions and just really made me feel at ease about the whole process. It took me a few days to think about whether or not to take plunge, but in the end I decided to pay the fee and hope for the best. I figured if it didn’t work, I wouldn’t be locked into a contract so I could try somewhere else.

You CAN Improve Your Credit

Let me just say that paying for a professional to do my credit repair was the best choice I ever made, hands down. The first round of debt validation letters they sent got five of the six collection accounts off of my credit report, just like that. Charge offs removed from Experian credit report.

And when it was time to negotiate a pay for deletion, I ended up paying less than half of what the creditors claimed I owed. In the end, it took only three months to move my credit score over 120 points, just like that.
My Credit Scores

But it never would have happened if I hadn’t taken the first step. The only way to repair your credit is to take it that first step. You have to get the negative information off and build up the positive information you do have. Lexington Law really made a difference where I’d struggled before for months.

By the time my review came around at work, my credit scores were right where I needed them to be to get that promotion.

If you’re worried about your credit and need to have a safe, reliable way to improve your credit scores, talk to one of the professionals at Lexington Law. You’ve got nothing to lose by getting a free consultation, and getting help is so much easier than you might think.

Discount for Couples

Lexington Law is now offering $50 off the initial fee when you and your spouse sign up together. The discount will be applied after the second sign-up is complete.

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